I came home from work and jumped on TTT2 and for whatever reason I have been on a freaking winning streak so I’m all


I am about thirty seconds away from leaving work already to go back home and play Tekken and possibly cry at all my consecutive losses like I almost did last night. Uygh.

Holy crap, March 1st

Where does time crawl to, really I swear.

It’s Friday today! Payday is good. But it’s still the beginning of the month. Bills suck.

I’m a little anxious about tonight’s tournament. I haven’t competed in so long that when I do I end up panicking and losing quickly. Which is pretty quick if you compare Tekken to Street Fighter. Ugh. Well, I’m also playing PlayStation All-Stars. I never really played SSB so for me, this is fun.

I gotta work hard today so I can leave work on time for once this week. Been doing overtime for the last four days since I was so backed up during February. Wish me luck!

I’ve got to get back to my job in less than twelve hours so I’m sitting on the bed, eating soup out of the pot with a ladle while I train in Tekken Tag 2 for a tournament on Friday. And I haven’t sorted my laundry from earlier yet.

I’m really good at this “being an adult” thing.

I’ve got another Tekken Tag 2 local tournament today. I worry that all the time I put into practice won’t be enough but I will do my best.

I haven’t really been on Tumblr since Saturday though. I fear of when I start going through my dash, of how many pages there will be for whenever I really come back.

Hope everyone is doing well. It’s chilly in New York today, but when I saw this post, I decided to not complain. Not until evening at least.


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Will Get Free DLC Characters Soon

Starting today, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will be available for download on the Playstation Network. Namco have also disclosed that three PS3-exclusive characters will be released for free at some near point (if not already available at time of writing), and will also be available on PSN. Those three characters are Unknown, Dr. Boskonovitch, and Violet.

Namco have also announced that the pre-order characters Ancient Ogre, Kunimitsu, Angel, and Michelle Chang will also be released for free in the near future as well. It is unknown if these characters will make it to the 360 version of the game.

I’m really happy about Kunimitsu and Angel coming out soon. I really miss them! It’s been about five games since they’ve been active, I can’t wait!


That moment when I see True Ogre in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and realize the last time I saw him was as the final boss on Tekken 3.

Man I feel old.

Dude, Bruce and Alex and Jun and Kunimistu and Angel are all back too.

And the last time I got to see them was in Tekken 2.

I was at the Wii U booth at NYCC today playing Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Managed to get up to eight wins.

Then the booth owner kicked me out for hogging the game.

By the way the Wii U remote is kind of heavy.

But man I love that game now.

Kunimitsu/Lars until I pick up more characters.



Or maybe I just suck; however I’ll say this, Jun is incredibly vicious. I played the game on easy and I just ended up giving up basically.

I MISS JUN AND KUNIMITSU aaaaahh I want to play this game now SO BAD.

(Forgive the caps, but I love this series.)